Over the past few months you may have noticed a few small changes at our stores and online, and we're finally proud to pull aside the curtains and announce that we, dude & the duchess, will be moving forward as the label, d.d collective.


With such a momentous change in identity, we are hoping to provide all our customers a whole new brand experience.


With our designers, Jonathan Liang & Debbie Chung, on board - our collections will be as fashion forward as ever, with a strong focus on fabrication and the perfect fit. We produce all our wares in our studios, and with partners that we have built long term relationships with - with this, we can continue to provide you with the quality you've come to known, alongside lower price points that we can all stand behind.


Here are d.d collective, we are a small collective of people working hard to provide you a contemporary, and unique designer experience. During this period of transition, you may notice some discrepancies with our identity, so we kindly ask for your support and understanding.



Sincerest regards,


the d.d collective team