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By spending RM650 in a single purchase, you will receive exclusive member privileges and benefits, such as a RM50 gift certificate for your birthday and 10% OFF at all participating stores, including the following shops:


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Terms & Conditions

    1. DD Membership is a non-transferable privilege card, not a credit or discount card.
    2. DD Membership is valid at: dude & the duchess in-store and online. For store listing click here.
    3. There is no membership fee. DD Membership can be obtained only with a minimum purchase of RM650 (in a single transaction).
    4. DD Membership is open to individuals only.
    5. DD Membership must be presented BEFORE each purchase. Cards presented after a transaction will not be accepted for the associated benefits.
    6. DD Membership entitles the holder to a 10% discount on all regular merchandise, except for consignment items. The 10% discount is also applicable during SALE periods.
    7. DD Membership is valid for one (1) year and can be renewed with a payment of RM20**. It can also be renewed for free with a minimum purchase of RM350** in a single transaction*. For continuity of benefits, please renew within one (1) year of expiry; failing which a new application with a minimum purchase of RM650** in a single transaction is required.
    8. Though membership is free, a fee of RM20** is chargeable for any replacement of lost or damaged cards.
    9. Please allow one (1) month for processing of renewal/lost cards. Once the card is ready, it will be sent to your outlet of choice for collection.
    10. dude & the duchess reserves the right to alter/amend these terms and conditions as is deemed fit at its absolute discretion and without prior notice.
    11. dude & the duchess also reserves the right to terminate the privileges and withdraw membership from use at any time without prior notice.
    12. Benefits with affiliated Merchant Partners are subject to Merchants' terms and conditions. Said benefits are only applicable in Malaysia, unless otherwise stated.

      *Validity of receipts is within one (1) month of expiry only. ** Or equivalent in local currency.


      dude & the duchess diligently respects the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of all customers, users and/or clients when it comes to matters relating to their personal data, information, communications, financial data, e-mails, messages, comments, advices, subscriptions and/or any other information thereof (hereinafter collectively refer as "Data") and shall not directly or indirectly be liable and/or responsible for whatsoever loss, defects, damages, compensation, disclosure, leaking, exposure and/or discovery relating to the Data arising from and/or caused by any events inclusive of (but not limited to) unintentional errors, unfortunate events, negligence, mistakes, defaults, failure, breakdown, interruptions, disconnections, closure and/or any other reasons not specifically mentioned herein.